Tips for Hiring a Reputable Water Restoration Company

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At least 85 percent of all homes in the United States have homeowner’s insurance. Eleven percent of all homeowner’s insurance claims are for “non-weather related causes.”

These non-weather related causes include water damage from burst or leaking pipes. Unfortunately, a lot of flooding causes aren’t covered by homeowner’s insurance.

Regardless of whether you have insurance, flooding is a serious issue. It can cause significant water damage to your home. When damage occurs, you need to hire a reputable water restoration company to remedy it.

But how do you know if a water restoration company is the right one for you? Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about water restoration companies. Also, learn great tips for finding a reputable company near you.

How Does Water Damage Happen?

Water damage can happen in several ways. Some ways are obvious, while others can go unnoticed until they cause extensive damage.

Flooding is the most prominent cause of water damage. If water levels around your home rise high enough, they can enter your home. This usually causes lower-level water damage.

Roof damage during a storm can cause significant water damage. This usually occurs during high winds.

High winds can cause parts of the roof to fall off or objects to fall onto the roof. This type of water damage usually affects the top levels of a home first.

A burst pipe can happen anywhere in the home. There are pipes throughout your house in many of your walls. Burst pipes sometimes cause flooding in the basement.

Sewage backups are another cause of water damage. This one poses significant health risks to your family because fecal matter is highly hazardous.

Hidden leaks inside your wall are another common cause of water damage. Unfortunately, these sources of water damage can often go unchecked for a long time and cause significant mold growth you can’t see.

There are other reasons your home may suffer water damage. If you don’t know the cause of the damage, a reputable water restoration company should be able to help you figure it out.

Why Hire a Water Restoration Company?

It can be tempting to take the do-it-yourself route when taking care of water damage. Many homeowners are especially tempted when the damage seems to be small or insignificant.

You should never attempt water restoration projects on your own. Much of the time, the damage is more extensive than you think. Only taking care of what you see will likely leave most of the damage untouched.

Water damage causes significant issues for your home and family. If the damage is extensive enough, it can cause structural damage that’s very difficult and expensive to fix. Water damage can also cause mold to grow in walls and ceilings where it’s difficult to detect.

Benefits of Finding the Right Company

It isn’t enough to hire a water restoration company. You want to hire the right company for your project. You need a reputable company that will ensure the job is done right.

But why is this so important? There are many benefits to finding the right company. Take a look at a few of the biggest benefits you’ll receive below.

Hidden Damage Will Be Found

The damage you see usually isn’t everything. Sometimes, there’s more damage behind the walls than there is on the exterior. A professional company can find these hidden sources of damage.

Hidden damage is particularly dangerous. Since it usually affects the interior portions of your home, it can lead to significant structural damage. The risk and extensiveness of this grow with time.

The Leak Source Will Be Identified

Sometimes the source of water damage is obvious. If your home flooded in a storm or a pipe burst, you already know why the damage occurred. But what about water damage that happens for no obvious reason?

Water damage with no obvious cause is usually from a leak behind the walls. A pipe may not have burst but only cracked. Finding the source of the leak is vital.

A professional will work to find the source of the leak. Sometimes they can fix the issue themselves. Other times, the water remediation company will have references for a company that can.

Industrial Equipment and Products

If you tried to remedy water damage yourself, you’d be limited in the equipment and products you could use. The average consumer isn’t usually allowed to purchase industrial products.

A professional will have access to strong products and equipment. They’ll also know how to use these items safely.

Time Savings

When it comes to water damage, every hour counts. The longer water damage is allowed to sit, the worse it becomes. More mold will grow, and the issue can spread to other parts of the home.

A reputable company will respond quickly to your issue. They’ll start fixing the problem quickly, so it doesn’t have time to become a larger issue.

Mold Remediation (If Necessary)

A reputable company will inspect your home for mold growth. They’ll know how to check difficult-to-access parts of your home like the flooring, walls, and ceiling.

If mold is found, a good water restoration company can remedy the situation. This is important because mold is hazardous to the health of all humans and animals living in the home.

Reduced Long-Term Costs

Cost is usually one reason homeowners want to try fixing water damage themselves. While the costs of hiring a water restoration company may be more upfront, the long-term costs are significantly reduced.

Professionals will get the job done the right way quickly. They’ll make sure they find and fix all issues that might make it necessary to redo the work. A great company will also help save the structural integrity of your home, so you don’t need extensive construction work later.

Help Filing an Insurance Claim

A lot of flooding is covered through your homeowner’s insurance. The company you choose to work with can let you know if your damage is covered. If you have flood insurance, that might help get your project covered.

The company you work with can also help you file the claim. The insurance process can be tricky, but these professionals have helped many homeowners file before. Having an expert on your side when filing can help get your claim approved.

Peace of Mind

The biggest benefit of hiring a reputable water restoration company is the peace of mind you’ll receive. You can sleep better at night, knowing the water damage was taken care of properly. You’ll know no mold is lingering behind your walls, waiting to harm your family.

Tips for Hiring a Reputable Company

You must choose a reputable water restoration company. Generally, you don’t want to jump on the first company you find. Some companies aren’t properly licensed and are just looking to make a quick buck.

A poor water restoration job could leave a lot of issues behind. Structural damage and mold are the most serious problems. Below are some great tips for hiring a reputable company for your water restoration project.

Ask for Referrals

Chances are high you know someone who used a water restoration company in the past. It could be a friend, family member, coworker, or neighbor. Ask them what company they used and how their experience was.

If the experience was positive, you could make a note to further research the company. If the experience was negative, you should generally avoid that company.

Check Online Reviews

Online reviews are another wealth of information about how previous customers were treated. How satisfied the majority of prior customers were treated is a good indicator of how your project will go.

It’s important to understand one or two negative reviews don’t necessarily mean the company is bad. If most reviews are positive, you can usually expect a positive experience. If most reviews are negative, you can usually expect a negative experience.

Check Licensing, Accreditation, and Experience

Checking that a water restoration company has the appropriate qualifications can help protect you against scams. Some companies aren’t actually qualified professionals. Instead, they’re handymen looking to make a quick buck.

Ask to see a company’s license and accreditation. If they refuse to show you, that’s not the company for you. By law, a company must show you their qualifications if asked.

You should also inquire about how many years of experience the company has. There are two parts to this question.

First, you should ask how many years the company itself has been in business. Second, you should ask about the total experience of the owner or partners who run the business.

Ask About Costs (Including Additional Fees)

The exact cost of a job will depend on many factors. How extensive the damage is, what other services might be required, the location, and how competitive the area is might all factor into the total cost of your project.

While it isn’t a smart idea to simply search for the cheapest company, you want to find one that is upfront about their fees. Nothing is worse than planning for a project and being charged twice what you were quoted.

Sometimes things do happen to raise the costs after the project has begun. Hidden damage may be uncovered, for example. The right company will discuss this with you before carrying forward with the extra work.

Inquire about any additional or “hidden” fees a company has. An honest company will let you know about any potential extra fees when quoting your price. They should also be willing to let you know what might raise costs after the job has started.

Ask About Mold Inspections and Remediation

Inquire whether the company offers mold inspection. If mold is found, can they take care of it? You want the answers to both of these questions to be yes because mold can be hazardous to your family’s health.

Mold can cause breathing issues, allergies, and infection in your family and pets. The people most at risk after exposure are young children, senior citizens, and those with chronic breathing issues.

Ask About Initial Inspections

Will the company require an initial inspection of the property? A reputable company should do a thorough inspection before they begin working. This lets them know if your over-the-phone details missed anything.

This initial inspection could affect a lot of project factors. It might show a different completion schedule or different costs than previously thought.

Customized Plans

Does the company create a customized plan for each project? A good company understands this is necessary because every project is unique.

Cookie-cutter outlines don’t work for water restoration projects. The right plan will take into consideration how the damage occurred, how extensive it is, and several other important factors.

What Type of Equipment Are They Using?

Does the water restoration company work with modern equipment? If the company accomplishes its water restoration through alternative methods, inquire about these in-depth.

The type of equipment used by the company will affect how thorough their job is. All the training in the world is no substitute for equipment that doesn’t work properly.

Do You Have More Questions About Choosing a Reputable Water Restoration Company?

Choosing a reputable water restoration company is important for many reasons. The tips above can help you choose the reputable company right for your project.

Do you have more questions about choosing a reputable water restoration company? Or, do you want to schedule an appointment to have water damage looked at?

Contact us today. One of our associates would be happy to assist you with any questions you have. They can also help you make an appointment.


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